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Which Golf Clubs Are Right For You?

Golf club technology has come a long way since the crude sticks Dutch sailors and locals used to play the land at St. Andrews in the 1400’s. As golf equipment gets more and more advanced, club makers find better and better technology to increase a golf club’s forgiveness.

With the great strides in advancement, companies pretty much use the same technologies to similar effect and that makes it hard to say one club is better than another. The way each company implements that technology in their golf club design is slightly different, though, and that gives each club a slightly different feel.

That is why before you pick out a new set of club’s to buy, it’s a good idea to take a step back, evaluate your game and decide exactly what type of player you are. Once you decide what type of player you are, you can make a list of clubs geared toward your skill level. After you have your list you can then go and hit each club to see which one you like best.

So what type of player are you? Generally people fall into one of four categories:

1. Low Handicap

Low handicap players are experienced golfers. Their handicap is around 5 or below and they want to have clubs that can be used to work the ball. A low handicap player has an idea of how to hit draws and fades and has good golf swing mechanics. They don’t need a club that is very forgiving because they consistently hit the ball with the center of the club face.

2. Mid-Low Handicap

I like to call these golfers, “avid golfers.” You would fall into this Vclub cc shop category if you love to play golf and even practice in your free time. Your handicap is probably between 5 and 15 and you are fairly comfortable hitting each club. You can get around the course but you don’t always hit the ball in the center of the club and you probably have a common trouble shot, like a big slice or snap hook.

3. High-Mid Handicap

This category is for the “recreational golfer.” This player enjoys a casual round of golf and has a handicap around 15 to 25. The recreational golfer isn’t a stranger to the game but only plays randomly with his friends and definitely doesn’t practice much. This type of player needs clubs that are very forgiving.

4. High Handicap

This is the beginner or senior category. With a handicap of above 25, this player just started to pick up the game or is having trouble really swinging the club like they used to. High handicap players need clubs that help lift the ball off the ground.

Have you picked out the category that you best belong to? Good. Now let’s discuss which type of clubs best fit each category.

1. Low Handicap

Low handicap players have the skill to use clubs with smaller, thinner club heads. They can be muscle backed or cavity backed but their compact design generally gives the club more of a blade like appearance. These clubs are not very forgiving.

2. Mid-Low Handicap

The clubs geared toward this skill level are typically cavity back with a club head slightly bigger than the bladed clubs low handicap player’s use. The golf club designs are usually focused on making a club as forgiving as possible while still maintaining some player control.

3. High-Mid Handicap

Clubs for high to mid handicap players are made to be forgiving. Their club heads are big and thick and are designed to perform even when the club does not strike the ball in the center of the club face.

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