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Towel Rings – Unique And Functional Styles For Both The Kitchen And Bathroom

Towel Rings are a very popular and functional kitchen and bathroom accessory. Traditionally, these accessories were found in the bathroom. However, rings are becoming more copiously located in kitchens as well. The reason for this is partially due to the fact that the modern/contemporary aspects in most kitchen themes are much more evident currently than it was ten years ago. Many linen ring manufacturers have begun designing multipurpose towel rings that can fit in both the bathroom or kitchen.

Rings as a towel holder might seem strange as a prospective kitchen accessory; however, they have become quite a functional asset to the kitchen and work well for hand towels. They come in a wide variety of different metals as well as woods that open the door to a wide range of theme incorporation.

Towel Rings – Style And Design Variations
Modern towel rings come in a variety of styles and designs. Many of these designs revolve around the material in which the ring is manufactured. Typically you will find these accessories in a fine metal, such as stainless steel, brass, or chrome. However, some of the more expensive and less used metals are beginning to pick up popularity; particularly, brushed nickel and wrought iron.

Aside from the materials, designers are getting more innovative and releasing towel rings that aren’t necessarily rings; but exhibit more unique shapes such as open circles and rectangles to play into the popular modern styling. In all, there are many unique styles to choose from that make this accessory a nice addition to the kitchen.

Traditional Towel Ring Designs
Traditional designed linen rings are the rings that are most commonly found in bathrooms. These exhibit the single ring being held up by a mounted base with a protruding arm. They offer a compact and unique looking solution to the common towel holder that is also found in bathrooms. These particular units can also be incorporated into a kitchen setting given they display a specific combination of elements that keep them from looking out of place.

Open Towel Ring Designs
The open ring design is a delicate combination of some of the newer designs incorporated into the classic ring found in most restrooms. These wonderful hybrids offer a new kind of functionality in terms of getting the towel into the ring, making it slightly easier to simply slide the towel through the break in the ring structure as opposed to having to pull it through the ring itself Badezimmerarmatur. Aside from that, they provide a unique look that allows them to meld nicely into a modern themed kitchen without looking out of place.

Modern Towel Rings
Modern style rings are a category all their own. They consist of many different and unique designs that exhibit aesthetically pleasing modern elements. These are the product of a rapid gain in popularity for both rings as well as modern design; allowing the traditional towel ring meant primarily for a bathroom setting to move out to other areas of the house that could use the functionality a ring as a towel holder offers; particularly the kitchen.

Towel rings [] are a very functional and stylish way to add an important accent to your kitchen or bathroom, with limitless design potential, from the material to the customizable features. Modern kitchen accessories [] are playing much more of a pivotal role in design currently, and towel rings are a fantastic replacement for traditional towel holders.

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