The MEGXON MX7 Digital Camera is a powerful camera with a number of useful features. The camera produces a maximum eight megpixel resolution, 3264×2448 in an interpolated mode. It can also support true 7 megapixel 3072×2304, 5 megapixel in 2560×1920, 4 megapixel in 2304×1728, 3 megapixel in 2048×1536 and 2 megapixel in 1600×1200. The camera has a 2.5j Panasonic CCD sensor that sees 7.382 megapixels in its native mode. This provides robust pictures that can be enlarged and printed in high quality.

The camera has four ISO modes, Auto, 100, 200 and 400, with F2.8 wide and F4.9 telephoto modes. The focal length is 5.8 ~ 17.4 mm, Wide – 5 ~ 80 cm in macro mode and 30 ~ 80 cm in telephoto. The camera has a 3x optical and 5x digital zoom. There are both mechanical and electronic shutters.

The camera comes with a built in 18 megabyte flash memory but supports SD cards up to 2 gigabytes. Big pictures and especially multimedia files can fill even a large storage card, so a spare SD card is a reasonable option.

The camera is capable of adjusting for several light conditions, with Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Sunset and Custom modes. The camera has a built in timer, flash and microphone and the usual playback modes.

The MX7 has several features intended to make it more flexible. The camera can be set for pictures taken under specific conditions, such as Auto, Program, Portrait, Landscape, Dawn, Backlight, Fireworks and Night. The camera can take normal pictures, black and white, sepia and RGB. nikon lens cheap price There is an image stabilization helper, and even four games to play while waiting for a shot.

The camera can take avi format multimedia in 640×480 and 320×240, at 15 or 24 frames per second. The duration depends on the size of SD chip in the camera. The camera can record wav files and play mp3s.

Physically, the camera is a slim four inches by two inches by one inch with few protrusions making it easy to store. The camera uses an NP-40 Lithium Ion battery, though it is probably a good plan to have a spare as well. The camera will connect to computers through a USB port or a television with NTSC or PAL format.

The computer must have at least Windows 98, Power Mac G3 or OS 10 or later, with a 300 megahertz or faster processor, at least 32 megabytes of ram and a USB port.

The camera has a large three inch diagonal LCD viewscreen but does not have a simple optical viewfinder, a weakness for some uses. When waiting for a shot to appear, to avoid shaking hands as you get tired, a tripod might be worth a try.


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