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The Invention Process Steps

Do you have a new pioneering invention idea, or an improvement or solution to an existing problem? If so, you deserve to make millions from it! That means you have to take action TODAY. This article teaches you the basic steps of how the process works.

Again- these are the basic steps of the process. Once you understand these steps, you can move on to patent application, patent search, and record of invention. inventor ideas But, I stress the importance of understanding every step in detail so you don’t leave something out and lose all the hope in getting your product or idea patented.

Landing a patent for a great invention is like everything else in life- a series of steps you need to follow closely. Since the process starts with you, let’s take a look at what really happens.

Here is a look at the foundation, or the simple steps of how the process works:

Invention Process –

1. The first step to becoming an inventor and coming up with an invention is to begin recognizing problems. (Problem Recognition)

2. The second step is to think of a way to fix the problem. inventor ideas

3. The third step is to reduce the idea to practice (i.e. the knowledge of how to fix the problem or make the idea work). This is the inventive step.

Remember: Ideas alone are not patentable.

Too many times, people say “That was MY idea.” In essence, they are right, but in reality an idea is only an idea.



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