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Thailand – The Spa Capital of Asia

Thailand is one of the most sought after places for vacationing or taking a break to unwind by pampering yourself with exotic spa treatments. Thailand is home to the best spas in Asia and has bagged several awards including the AsiaSpa Awards where it received the title “Asian Spa Capital of the Year.” Thailand deserves this title as it has the most outstanding spa and wellness offerings in the region in terms of quality, quantity, diversity, authenticity of treatments, service and design. Thailand is at the forefront of bringing innovative spa concepts, environment-friendly spa treatments and exceptional hospitality services.


Introduced as early as in the 1990s, Cleveland med spa the spa industry has very recently sky-rocketed to achieve the reputation of being the second most popular spa destination in the world, just being slightly behind Australia. Initially seen as a fashionable trend among foreign tourists and expatriates, the spa industry has of late become popular among the locals also with more and more local Thais indulging in this novel therapy, one which rejuvenates them and alters their state of imbalance in their lives brought on by serious lifestyles and polluted environments. In the early days, spas were the luxurious privilege of 5-star hotels but now the scenario has drastically changed and you find spas mushrooming everywhere. Based on the reports released by Intelligent Spas, a Singapore-based research service, Thailand houses 2% of all the spas in the world and is the leading destination in Asia. Its industry also generates the largest annual revenue within the region.


Thailand spas have become so popular because of its unique methods of spa treatments which are all derived from the deep-rooted harmony of Buddhist teaching. The treatments are truly revitalizing and ensure not only an energized body but also a spiritually sound and clam mind. Meditation and spiritual healing techniques are also adopted which leaves you with a feeling of spiritual nourishment and a rejuvenated well-being of mind, body and soul. The distinct “Thai touch” delivered in every spa experience is based on time-honoured herbal and holistic remedies and generations of folk wisdom and it is this factor combined with affordable rates that makes visitors coming back for more.

According to Andrew Jacka, President of the Thai Spa Association in Bangkok, Thailand has a special culture of spas which offers everything anyone would want in terms of variety of size, price and treatments. Although majority of the spas in Thailand are distinctively Thai, it also prides on its variety of innovative spas including urban spas, resort spas, luxurious destination spas, island wellness centres and holistic medical centres. Besides being awarded the title of spa capital, Thailand received the top recognition for “Destination Spa of the Year” for Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket; “Medi-Spa of the Year” for S Medical Spa in Bangkok; “Spa Personality of the Year” for Karina Stewart, Co-founder, Brand & Concept Director, Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary; and “Men’s Spa Treatment of the Year” for Man Space Healing Balance Massage offered at Residential Spa & Club, Grand Hyatt, Bangkok.

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