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Terra Nova National Park – Canada

Established in 1957, this approximately 396-square kilometer national park sits at the edge of water, particularly the beautiful Bonavista Bay. A range of wildlife freely roam Terra Nova’s forests and marshes. Thus, it is the perfect place to witness iconic North american animals Terra Hill like the black bear and moose in action! Aside from its outstanding natural beauty, Terra Nova also offers a variety of exciting outdoor activities to delight and excite its guests.

At the park’s Visitor Centre situated off Route 1, you can begin your memorable trip by admiring various exhibits and arranging guided walks. Terra Nova is gifted with 100 kilometers of hiking trails, which lead you to the marshes, green meadows and thick forests. Some trails are quite lengthy and challenging; while others are more like gentle strolls. You can choose to concentrate in the park’s lush inland or venture into the coast and cliff sides, in hopes of catching marvelous ocean panoramas. Your hiking experience may even get more exciting due to the appearance of fascinating creatures like beavers and lynx who inhabit the area.

If hiking takes too long, a great alternative is to bike around designated mountain biking trails, which are also quite scenic. Terra Nova National Park is an excellent golfing destination. Its golf course, Twin Rivers, promises to be world-class and unique. Golfing at Twin Rivers means teeing off over two rivers, while enjoying the view of the Atlantic Ocean making it a beautiful golf experience.

Bring the thrill and adventure to the sea setting by trying out canoeing, kayaking or boating. If you choose any of the first two activities, you have more than 200 kilometers worth of coastline, rivers, lakes and ponds to explore. Terra Nova’s lakes and rivers are also excellent places to fish for some of the best trout and salmon in the region. One particularly popular boat tour destination is the Newman Sound. The local operator – Coastal Connections – organizes regular boating tours and picks up passengers from the Visitor Center.

While on the tour, be sure to watch for seabirds and icebergs in the distance and have your camera ready. And if you are lucky, you might even encounter whales splashing around their playground. Park visitors who long for a refreshing swim, especially on a hot day, usually head out to the shallow sandy beach called Sand Pond. If you don’t feel like just relaxing after the swim, there is a 3-kilometer looped trail waiting to be conquered. The Forest Hill neighbourhood as seen today in Toronto, comes from a deep history starting back in 1860. The first residence built in the Forest Hill area was located on top of the hill within the forest, however while the hill still exists today, the forest does not.

In 1957, Forest Hill officially joined the city of Toronto. This neighbourhood and Swansea Village were two of the last independent villages to be annexed with Toronto. The neighbourhood is now represented by a seal that displays a deer etched in the stone window crown on the front facing gable over the entrance to a station.

Today, the Forest Hill neighbourhood is one of Toronto’s prestigious neighbourhoods. It’s well known for it’s gently sloping hills, winding roads, large brick and stone homes, spacious lots, and multiple beautiful natural parks. A building code that’s been followed in the neighbourhood since the 1920’s is that all homes are required to have a tree planted at the front of each property. This has worked wonderfully to help enhance it’s reputation as one of Toronto’s three most exclusive and affluent communities!

The houses offered here are some of Toronto’s finest real estate, and the actual neighbouthood is separated into lower and upper halves of Forest Hill. The lower part offers marvelous brick and stone mansions that were built in the earlier 1900’s, most of which are easily worth over one million dollars each. The upper part offers modern estates built between 1940 and 1960. These houses are still marketed towards the affluent, but are typically less expensive than the mansions found in the lower part of Forest Hill. You can also find numerous luxury condominium apartment buildings, located on the western side of Forest Hill. As for styles, well most of the estate in Forest Hill is Tudor or Georgian architecture, however there is also everything from French Colonial with terra cotta tiles to English country manors with sweeping lawns!

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