Sonynewhome business Samsung’s Super Fast Jet Phone – Samsung Jet S8000

Samsung’s Super Fast Jet Phone – Samsung Jet S8000

Recently Samsung has introduced a new handset called the Samsung Jet with the punch line which is used by Samsung for describing the Jet states: “faster communication”. You will love the appearance and designing of this mobile phone as it offers a touch screen of 3.1 inches. The display offered by this latest Samsung device which is also known as the Samsung S8000 is vibrant and impeccable and the phone offers graceful and stylish looks alongside a very light weight.

A large number of unique features are present in the Samsung Jet, for example you will be able to have a distinguished internet surfing experience with this mobile. High speed Dolphin web browser is present in this phone which enables its users to surf various internet websites at a fast speed. The most amazing feature of the Jet however is that you will be able to browse more than five websites at the same time. You can open multiple websites at a single point of time through this handset. Like a desktop, you may also bookmark your favorite websites in this mobile. samsung 55au7700

This is the first Samsung handset which has adopted Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync E-mail system. This feature makes this Jet very useful for those people who want to purchase it for professional purpose. Another unique thing about the Samsung Jet is that it offers “One Finger Zoom Technology”. It implies that with this handset, you will be able to zoom in and out just by touching the screen with one finger. In other smartphones, you need to use two fingers of your two hands for using the Touch Zoom technology.

This new Samsung handset uses 800 MHz Accelerated Application Processor. As a consequence of this, you will be able to run several programs simultaneously in this mobile phone. This specialized processor is the secret behind the speedy performance of this device. The Jet will enable you to click high quality pictures and store them in different albums with different names. The 5 mega pixels camera will help you to capture the special moments of your life. Samsung is famous for offering excellent picture quality in the in-built cameras of its mobile phones. This handset is just another example of the impeccable quality offered by Samsung phones.

The Samsung Jet S8000 will help you to remain in touch with your close friends and relatives through a number of short cuts available in the communication widget. The sound quality offered by this mobile phone is matchless. Playing your favorite songs through this mobile will be an amazing experience for you. This handset uses SRS Sound Effect Technology. You will also be able to use GPS in this mobile phone. It is right to say that this mobile contains so many features, that you will need enough time to get familiar with all of them.
This latest Samsung mobile uses a user friendly interface so that people do not face any kind of inconvenience while using it. It is near to impossible to point out any snag in the Samsung Jet.


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