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Pet Travel Carriers and Things You should consider When Purchasing One For your Pet

Private Jet Pet Travel - Ferndale Kennels & CatteryPet travel carriers allow us to take every member of the family on a trip. Our pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone else pet immigration. You would not want to leave a member of the family behind for a family trip would you? Of course not, that is why pet travel carriers make it easy for us to take our pets with us.

When trying to decide what is the best pet travel carrier for our pet, we must have them in mind. This is important because the size of the pet is a major factor when choosing the right carrier. We want to make sure that we get a carrier that will allow our pet to be able to move around pretty freely.

We do not want them to feel as if they are cooped up with no room to move around. We also want to make sure that the carrier has enough ventilation for our pet. We want to make sure that our pets have plenty of access to fresh air to breathe and not get over heated. Having too little ventilation can cause serious damage to our pets health.

The materials that are used should also be a consideration. You want your pet to be comfortable. Would you want to be placed in something that is hard and uncomfortable for a trip with the family. No, you would not, so for this reason you want to look at something that will offer a t least a little bit of comfort. So you’re thinking about venturing out on your next trip with Fido? Sounds like a fun idea, but unless you’re well prepared, you may end up wishing you had left him at home.

Making the best of pet travel begins with planning. You must first think about what it is you’re doing, where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, what you need… you know, like you do when you take a trip by yourself or with friends or family. Don’t exclude your pet’s needs and essentials just because… what, he’s a pet?

Do you have a car seat for the pet to see out (mainly for smaller pets) or a harness or seat belt? What about emergency contacts like vet phone numbers or a pet hospital near where you are traveling? In case you become separated, did you remember his ID tag? How else will anyone know to whom your four-legged child belongs? A travel ID tag is also becoming more popular that lists the contact information of where you’re planning to stay when you get to your destination or a cell phone number that could easily track you down in the event you get separated from your pet. For many pet owners the anxiety of worrying about their pet while they are away from home is sometimes so bad they will actually cancel and choose to stay home. Boarding can be expensive and many don’t like the idea of their Precious being kept in a crate. Of course there are friends, but that can be a great imposition. Luckily, with so many pet friendly hotels and great pet travel tips it is now easier than ever to travel with your pet and have a fantastic time. Traveling with your pet takes a bit more planning and preparation but it is certainly worth it. There are several pet travel tips that can make your trip much more pleasurable. Begin with pre-planning your route and specific hotels. There are many pet friendly hotels available. They are easy to find with an Internet search using pet friendly as one of your filter criteria. It’s a good idea to create an information sheet for your pet with all their information and veterinarian’s telephone number. Just in case an accident was to happen it would be a very helpful bit of information that would go beyond what is on their ID tag. A good place to keep it is in your glove compartment with your vehicle registration.

The most important things to consider when traveling with your pet are their health and safety. Food and water are common sense but pet travel tips include a few things you might not have considered. The first thing is to make sure their travel area is comfortable as well as safe. A belt restraint, car seat or pet carrier is ideal to keep them from jumping around or being hurt if you were to hit your brakes or the air bags were to go off in the case of an accident. Their bed or blanket, a special toy and a chewy will make them feel secure and entertained.

Just as people need to stop and stretch their legs so does your pet. Good pet travel tips always recommend that you stop every two to three hours. Rest areas on state highways offer areas specifically for dog walks and sometimes have fields large enough that you might even be able to throw a ball with him for a few minutes. It’s a great way to relieve any anxiety he has as well as tire him out so he’s ready for the next nap. Make sure you have plenty of water available in special travel water bottles made just for dogs. The joy of having your pet with you makes the vacation a time you can enjoy and relax.

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