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Nostalgic Candy That Brings Back Memories

Treat yourself and your family to a basketful of treats that will take you back to a sweeter, simpler, more nougat-filled time. Have a blast creating a festive, best gummies for stress and anxiety custom gift basket filled with all your favorites, or choose an assortment of goodies a la carte. With a wide variety of classic candies at unbeatable prices, you’re sure to find all your favorites. Delight friends with a taste of these candy store classics and bring the younger generation up to date on the sugary history of confections. Here are just a few familiar options that should ring a bell with candy lovers the world over.

Licorice All Sorts

There’s a “sort” for every licorice lover in this classic Licorice All Sorts snack mix. Stacks, chewy nibs and more are given a millennial makeover in this punchy update on a classis candy. Each soft, chewy bite features new, exciting flavors like strawberry, vanilla, lemon, chocolate and, of course, anise. Leave some in a bowl on the table and watch them disappear.

Multi-flavor Gummy Bears

Delicious, fruity Gummy Bears in a vivid rainbow of flavors make a wonderful treat for kids and adults alike. Munch on zesty lemon, sweet cherry, lime, pineapple and more. All those familiar flavors packed into a classic mix that will bring you back to childhood. Gummy Bears also make a great, low-calorie snack to keep in your desk at the office. They’re nostalgic, fun, and perfect for zapping that late afternoon sugar craving. Pick up a peck of fruity Gummy Bears today and relive the magic. Also available in tasty sugar-free varieties.

Mega Candy Buttons

Mega Candy Buttons are just like the ones you remember… only bigger! Stuck in colorful rows on white butcher paper, these crunchy, sugary candy buttons are a superstar in the penny candy canon. Introduce the kids in your life to a genuine classic while rekindling your passion for classic candies. Mega Candy Buttons are sure to be a hit wherever they appear.

Nik L Nip

You remember them well, don’t you? They’re small… they’re colorful… they’re an American classic. Give up? They’re Nik L Nip! Tiny wax bottles filled with delicious sugary tonic. All you have to do to get the party started is bite off the wax tip. A kissing cousin to “wax lips,” Nik L Nips were designed to… what? Create ultra charged sugar rushes in kids with a loose nickel to spend? A dubious mission statement that created a bulletproof candy legacy. Introduce these sugary speedballs to a new generation of candy lovers by picking up a case today.

Bosco Milk Chocolate Bar

The treat that helped define smooth, milky, chocolate candy pressed into bar shapes. Bosco treated a generation to chocolaty deliciousness in drinkable and munch-able forms, and now, at an unbeatable price, you can relive the magic by picking up a case of creamy Bosco bars. For the perfect gift you’ve been turning the internet upside down for, look no further than a case of nostalgic chocolate candy by Bosco.

Sky Bars

Everyone loves Sky Bars for one simple reason: a Sky Bar is four delicious chocolate bars in one! Enjoy sweet milky chocolate in four sections. One for gooey caramel, one for rich vanilla crème, a third for salty, sweet peanut butter, and a fourth for decadent fudge. Lunchbox traders rejoice-this is one chocolate bar worth more than its weight in caramel. Pick up a case and let everyone swap their favorite fillings. A true classic, the Sky Bar is sure to provoke many a-stroll down memory lane.

Chocolate Charleston Chew

The longest, chewiest candy bar at the snack bar, Charleston Chew is a classic sure to bring everyone to the table. With a sweet, stretchy nougat filling coated in creamy, luxurious milk chocolate, the ‘Chew offers satisfaction and chewability to spare. Portion a bar up among friends and enjoy a chocolaty chew today. Charleston Chew, as you may remember from your childhood, is also delicious frozen. Pop one in the freezer today and give your molars a workout.


Chuckles are one classic candy treat that unfailingly live up to their name. Try splitting a round of these sweet, sugary confections with friends without giggling a little-you can’t! They’re just too much fun. So pick your flavor-delicious cherry, mouthwatering lime, tart lemon, sweet orange, and polarizing licorice. These soft jell candies coated in crunchy sugar crystals are tasty treat members of every generation are sure to love. Pick up a case today and make the special people in your lives chuckle, with Chuckles.

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