• October 22, 2022

Master Something and Feel Good

One day decades ago I decided I was going to learn to program my VCR. I sat down with the manual and vowed not to get up until I had mastered it.

Yippee! I did it. I experienced such a rush of achievement.

Mastering even a small task or skill gives a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and is well worth the effort.

The bad news about all this mastery, however, is that as soon as you experience that good-feeling-from-accomplishing-something,  a new piece of equipment comes out, as well as upgrades to all your current possessions.

Since the day I decided to take over maintaining my websites and decided to set up my own blogs, for example, I have been on a daily trek of climbing steep learning curves. Tech New Master

One of my daughters has a theory that we should only buy electronics whose features are so easy to use that you don’t need a manual.

Knowing the challenges of mastering electronics and gadgets changes the way you shop. When I remodeled my kitchen, for example,  the primary feature I looked for in appliances was ease of use. Next was sturdiness and easy cleaning.

At first I thought I wanted chrome appliances. That is until  I saw that my hand print on the showroom refrigerator door stayed there for all to see. So, whether or not my hand print was visible on the refrigerator door became the determining factor.

I bought a black refrigerator with a leather-like finish. No hand prints.

It’s far easier to make wise decisions about buying appliances than it is to adapt to changes with online technology however.

When I went over to check on several domains recently, for example, I discovered that my host company has redesigned the look of their site-again! (I was just there last week!) I had to look carefully for links to the areas I needed. Eventually I had to call tech support. Thankfully their tech support is 24/7.

Although online technology throws challenges my way frequently, it also gives me many feel-good experiences when I finally figure out the latest new thing. It also boosts my confidence that I’ll be able to master the next thing when it comes out next week.

This thing you master doesn’t have to be a big thing, like figuring out a computer program or how to use all the features on your cellphone.

I once figured out that an inexpensive clock that I loved had stopped working. It  just needed its battery contacts cleaned and a new battery, but that took me a while to figure that out..  It still makes me feel good to have that clock working again. For a while I thought it was hopeless and considered throwing it away. Every time I look at it now I smile with pride and a feeling of accomplishment.

Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D. is an author, coach, speaker, consultant and entrepreneur. She has impacted the lives of students, educators, business owners, leaders and many audiences during her career. Her passion for encouraging people to make choices that lead to their happiness began when she was a junior high inner city English teacher and continued to grow deeper as she worked with university students, her own private tutoring program, and with retailers and business owners.

She has written language arts texts, academic articles, curriculum, grant proposals, and motivational guides. Her passion for writing and inspiring others has lead her to create and maintain twelve websites, three blogs and two newsletters.


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