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Master Reiki – Become a Reiki Master With an Online Course

Reiki is a powerful healing force, which is becoming more accepted as an effective natural healing art. It is something you either accept or you don’t. If you do accept it, there are many options to master Reiki and become a Reiki Master.

Some wish to master Reiki in order to open a practice to heal others. Some was to become a Reiki master so they can teach others. Whatever the motivation, the path is less difficult than it ever was. You can now become a Master in a very short time, and still be fully certified to practice the art.

How is this possible? Well, many of the very well established Masters have created on-line courses which provide the same great training as their live classes. Why did they do this? Because they could not deal with the demand for live classes, and they did not want people to get trained by less experienced teachers.

They know that Reiki can be performed remotely, either by guided attunement or self attunement. They know that the creator of this healing art attuned himself. They also know that it is not practical to expect that all students can pay the $2,000 to $10,000 that some teachers try to charge.

They also see on-line courses as a cost-effective way to spread thea course in miracles   art to interested students, who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to learn because of time constraints, or location constraints.

Having said that – it is very important to make sure that you look closely at any on-line course before making a commitment! Make sure that the course creator is an experienced Master. Make sure that the course teaches the school of Reiki that you wish to study. Some offer attunement in a variety of types. Make sure you are comfortable with the type of attunements offered. Some offer distance attunement and some offer self attunement.

Also, look closely at the follow-up support offered. Do they also offer to certify your students if you choose to practice? Do they offer forums and communities where you can interact with other students and Masters?


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