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LED Brings Pleasure to Viewing TV

LED technology was first how to stop tinytask used as status and indicator lamps. Over the past six years though, it has been developed to meet general lighting application demands. Samsung is among the first to incorporate light-emitting diodes (LED) into television technology, which is now taking the technological world by storm.

With the introduction of Samsung’s LED Full HD television sets B7000 and B6000, light-emitting diodes replace the obsolete CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lamps as the main light source. As a result, extremely high contrast and slimmer depths introduce a more pleasurable viewing experience. Samsung’s LED technologies TVs are also more environmental friendly as they allow homes to save more energy. Unlike other backlight technologies, LED television does not use mercury, minimizing hazards in the environment and the home.

LED television has about 40,000 hours’ worth of viewing hours in its life span compared to LCD TV’s sixty thousand viewing hours. However, purchasing LED-powered television saves an average viewer about five years’ worth of power consumption. On a smaller scale, LED TVs reduce energy consumption by up to 40% as compared to LCD high-definition television of similar size.

LED technology captures the natural colors of real life with the production of darker blacks, crisp whites, and strong contrast between dark and vivid colors. Samsung also enhanced its LED-powered products with Auto Motion Plus frame interpolation, which effectively reduces image judder and motion blur. All in all, you have an energy saving technology that has an incrediblt picture that is much better than what we are viewing today. The future has arrived in the form of LED flat screens.


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