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Getting A wonderful Saint Hubert On a tight budget

Saint Hubert: The Patron Saint of Hunting

Saint Hubert, sometimes called Saint Hubertus, holds a novel and revered place because the Saint of Hunting. His story, celebrated on November 3rd every year, is one of inspiration and dedication to the looking community.

Patron Saint of Hunters of Saint Hubert

Saint Hubert was born into a noble household in Maastricht, France between 656-705 A.D.. His lineage traced again to royalty, and he grew up surrounded by luxury and grandeur. Despite his privileged upbringing, Hubert was identified for his metalwork.

Hubert’s hunting skills have been legendary, and he turned renowned for his impeccable aim and ability to bring in bountiful feasts. However, his life took a profound turn throughout a searching expedition on Good Friday, when he had a divine encounter with a stag.

The Vision of Saint Hubert

According to legend, while chasing a deer on horseback, Hubert cornered the majestic stag, which then turned to face him. Between the antlers of the stag appeared a glowing crucifix. In that second, Hubert reported having a vision and listening to a voice urging him to show to the Lord and lead a holy life.

Hubert’s Spiritual Transformation

Deeply moved by this experience, Hubert renounced his former lifetime of luxury and privilege. He gave up his titles, including his birthright as the longer term Duke of Aquitane, and devoted himself to Christianity. Tragedy struck as his spouse, Floribanne, died giving birth to their son, Saint Floribert. Following her demise, Hubert targeted solely on his religious journey.

Hubert’s Journey in the Church

Hubert sought guidance from Bishop Lambert of Maastricht, who became his spiritual advisor. Under Lambert’s mentorship, Hubert embarked on a pilgrimage to Rome to fulfill the Pope. During this assembly, Hubert was ordained as a priest and later turned the 31st Bishop of Maastricht and the first Bishop of Liege.

Saint Hubert’s Legacy

Saint Hubert performed numerous miracles as a priest, together with exorcisms and curing circumstances of rabies. He is remembered as the “Apostle of the Ardennes” for his efforts in spreading Christianity in pagan areas.

The Symbol of Saint Hubert

Saint Hubert is symbolized by a stag with a cross or crucifix between its antlers. This symbol is widely known by hunters and has even discovered its place on Jagermeister bottle caps.

Honoring All Life Forms

Saint Hubert not only turned the Patron Saint of hunters but additionally promoted the concept of honoring the animal’s life. In his time, feasts were held to have fun the energy passed from the animal to the hunter after a successful hunt.

In conclusion, Saint Hubert stands as a symbol of spiritual transformation and dedication. His influence extends to hunters, archers, mathematicians, opticians, metalworkers, and even those that take pleasure in Jagermeister. The Hunting Necklace and Saint Hubert Medals serve as tangible symbols of devotion to this beloved Patron Saint of Hunting..

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