• April 24, 2022

Freelance Writing – Earn With Article Re-Writing Service

Freelance writers can expand their online business by offering one of the most sought-after services: article re-writing. Re-written articles are used extensively by online business professionals and website owners for marketing purposes. Many internet business owners purchase article packs that should be rewritten before use. Article re-writing is both easy and profitable for freelance writers if you are aware of the common pitfalls and pay attention to specifications closely.

Article Re-Writing Service – Pitfalls and Problems

The number one problem with offering an article re-writing service in your freelance writing business is the matter of copyright. Some unscrupulous website owners may try to get you to rewrite other people’s articles for their own purposes. This is plagerism and is against copyright rules. Before you agree to rewrite any articles, sales copy, or other written matter, you must be sure that the person requesting the service holds the copyright on the writing. This can be a challenge, but using online search tools can help you.

Article Re-Writing Service – How to Rewrite Effectively

Freelance writing professionals should never use article or content spinners to rewrite articles. These programs merely interchange synonyms within the existing article. The end result is usually an unusable pile of gibberish.

Instead of simply changing several words in the article, you must rewrite the entire article while preserving the readability, the information, and the keyword density percentages. Different clients will have different needs pertaining to keywords and content.

Begin by reading the entire article once through to get the gist of the writing. Then, go paragraph by paragraph and rewrite the text using best essay writing service reddit different wording, sentence structure, and order. To maximize effectiveness of the resultant article, it must be at least forty percent unique to the original. This is the minimum percentage of uniqueness required to counteract non-unique content penalties imposed by search engines.

Article Re-Writing Service – Recommendations

Offering a freelance writing service to rewrite article can be a profitable venture. Because most online professionals need multiple articles, it is a good idea to offer affordable rates on packs of rewritten articles. This can be done in one of two ways. First, you can offer to rewrite five or ten articles for one price. Second, you can offer to rewrite one article multiples times. Since rewriting articles is easier than writing a brand new, original article, the prices should be lower than for other writing services. Offering both services will attract more customers to your freelance writing business

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