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Forest City is First Largest Smart Eco-City in Malaysia


Along with the notable plan and arranging business Sasaki, Forest City made an ideal, lively city. One of the particular qualities in shrewd eco city is its upward vegetation. It is featured by the idea of the idea of a Forest like climate with structures’ exteriors covered by plants”. Since the whole city is covered with vegetation and parks and plant life, it will take the congruity among urban areas and nature to another level.

With the most modern metropolitan arranging systems and practices, Forest City plans to resolve metropolitan issues to make an effective and feasible city. Forest City depends on a diverse metropolitan arranging model, where vehicles and parking spots are concealed under the parks. The highest point of Forest City will be a totally vehicle free open space with a tremendous light-rail transportation framework. Eventually, Forest City will be a selective and rich living space.

Shrewd Eco-City

Vertical Greening

Structures exteriors are covered by plants, establishing a Forest like climate.

Savvy and secure city

Forest City embraces stopped administration and smart shield framework

Living heaven

Freehold status and captivating seaview make Forest City a living heaven for all inhabitants


Schooling and Healthcare

Forest City has left on joint efforts with Shattuck-St. Mary’s School and MJ Group

Bountiful conveniences

fulfilling all your living and diversion needs

Incorporated city

With a venture of USD100 billion, Forest City will be formed into a savvy eco-city

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