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English Bulldog Puppies With Skin Allergies

As spring approaches and we Frenchie for sale  are playing outside more often and for a greater length of time, our short haired breeds may start to experience more allergy symptoms. Here’s what to look out for! English Bulldog puppies can be very prone to skin allergies because of their short, thin coat of fur. They do not have a lot of fur to protect their skin which leaves them susceptible to irritation from pollens, ragweed, fleas and other irritants in the ground. English Bulldog puppies are also low to the ground, allowing them more contact with these allergens than other breeds.

Skin allergies cause red, swollen patches on your dog’s skin. It may be itchy, painful and even dry or flaky to the touch. While some skin allergies may not look like much, to your puppy, they can be a life or death ailment. From the constant scratching, licking or pawing at the affected site, the skin can become raw, bloody and break open, making this a perfect breeding ground for infections and bacteria such as yeast or MRSA.

If you notice a skin breakout on your English Bulldog puppy, call the vet to be sure this is an allergic reaction and not something more serious. If it is skin allergies, your vet may send you home with medicated shampoo or a topical ointment to soothe the itching for your pup.

To help keep short haired breeds safe, such as English Bulldog puppies, wipe down your pup with a damp cloth each time you come in from outside playtime or potty breaks. This will help to remove the allergens that could be clinging to your dog’s fur and skin and also protect your pup while he’s inside. These allergens are easily spread from grass to carpet and wiping off your pup is just one more way to make home the safest place to be!


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