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Critique on Dean Koontz’s, Semi-Scifi Book Brother Odd – A Very Good Book

I just read the book “Brother Odd” by Dean Koontz with pleasure, bemusement and admiration. Dean Koontz is a great story teller with insight into life and nature and in this book reveals his great sense of humor. This book will not bore anyone. The book is a best seller; so it is available universally from book vendors. It was co-published in 2006 by the author and Bantam Dell.

I mention this book Brother Odd because there are passages in it concerning a branch of deep physical science – the Quantum Theory of matter. This theory tells us that on the most basic level matter consists of a chaotic seeming but, in fact, a very organized sort of flux that is always in motion and yet is always resting in one point in reality. The theory tells us that every single point in the universe is connected sci-fi games for pc to each other and to this one central point and resides in this one point only. The theory, as mentioned by Dean Koontz, also refers to the flux on which the reality of physical nature rest is thought – thought emanating from this single point. This point, of course is identical to the specific point of the start of the Big Bang that deployed the universe.

Here I must diverge slightly from the theory mentioned by Dean Koontz. The “mad” professor in this tale states that the universe rests on the thought emanations coming through this point. I, rather, state that what we are dealing with is not thought per sé but the outworking of a thought-generated program on a sort of spiritual computer.

The program and the computer rest on the thought patterns of the central thinker(s) but what we see in the universe is not a sensible mind at work but an indifferent program empowered by some sort of computer that projects and controls the laws through which the universe and physical reality are made manifest and through which it is sustained from one central emanation point (radiator, antenna). In true spirit there is no knowledge of a physical universe because it is a fiction – reality only recognizes and admits truth, not ever fiction. The universe is only observable from a realm called untrue spirit. The spirit of the lie.

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