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Begin Today to Take control of Your personal Health With a Do-It-Yourself Stress Management Plan

What patients — and doctors — need to know about vitamins and supplements -  Harvard HealthYou are a Godbud, a unique expression of your Creator. Because you are unique, you are different from every other person. The thrust of this Unfolding Godbud lesson is to enhance your awareness of this uniqueness. This means that as you potentiate and grow, you still remain unique Buy Adderall Online. You learn the Godbud lessons, but you bring your unique self – your unique seven potentials – your unique experiences to the lessons.

Each of us sees things differently and we act in patterns built upon our experiences. It also means that what works for one person may not work for another Order Adderall Online. Another reason to be aware of each person’s uniqueness is to discover the talents of ourselves and of others. You can delegate responsibilities to others that are more appropriate for them. You can enhance natural talents. When we successfully apply the talents of ourselves and others, we are on our road to success.

One way we are different is our body chemistry. What is appropriate for one person to eat may not be for another. How can you tell what is right for you? You will find many answers throughout this lesson. As a Godbud you have access to many resources for healing yourself. This is just one of the lessons for reaching your personal potentiation through self actualization.

EACH OF US IS A UNIQUE EXPRESSION OF LIFE, AN INDIVIDUALIZED PRESENCE. We are affected in different ways by events, we think differently and we approach situations differently. What’s right for me may not be right for you. Or, what’s right for me today may not be right for me tomorrow. We change. We are Unfolding. We are Unfolders.

In our American society, we especially have many outer and inner environmental influences that cause stress in our daily living routines. These influences impinge on the body and mind which reacts to protect you. Examples of these influences that can be labeled stressors are: conflict, decision making, tests, failure, success, desires, self image, goals, divorce, marriage, loss of friends or loved ones, appreciation, hospitalization, public speaking, pollution, preservatives, injuries, accidents, promotions, drugs, lack of control, eye glasses/lenses, over/under eating, etc.

Underlying many of these stressors is fear, fear of a loss of something — money, friendship, health, face, etc. Whn fear enters our feelings, we become even more uncentered. Then stress reactions become further stressors in our lives. All of these stressors require energy to rebalance
the body.

The result on our bodies of stressors in our lives is called G. A. S.: General Adaptation Syndrome. The results of stress are accumulated in the body in a general way. Our tolerance levels are different from each other and our own can fluctuate. Sometimes we react much stronger than other times to the same stressor (like taking out the garbage).

If we learn how to reduce any of the stressors in our lives, we can relieve some of the tension, imbalance and uncenteredness that results from them. STRESS MANAGEMENT means taking steps to relax BEFORE BEGINNING A PROJECT. STRESS MANAGEMENT means stopping WHILE DOING A PROJECT. STRESS MANAGEMENT means you relax AFTER A PROJECT. STRESS MANAGEMENT means you REDUCE AS MANY STRESSORS AS POSSIBLE throughout the day. Your vision is one the most precious gifts you have. Maintaining good vision and eye health throughout your lifetime is important. There are a number of proactive tips that can help you to take care of your most delicate sensory organ-your eyes. If you are concerned about your eyes you should be mindful of the sun’s rays, working long hours staring at your computer, watching television, pollution and environment, and a poor diet-all which can affect eye health. Simple eye care health tips can help you to protect your eyes from possible damage due to environment and the stress of everyday life. Wear sunglasses when you’re out.

The UV rays of the sun can harm your eyes as well as your skin. Optometrists say you should wear sunglasses on a sunny day or a cloudy day. Clouds may partially block the sunlight, but Uv rays can penetrate clouds. Even if you wear UV-protected contact lenses, you should wear sunglasses to protect the whites of your eyes. Computer tips. Keep your monitor about five to nine inches below eye level. This position offers the least strain on the eyes and is conducive to blinking. Most people working on the computer do not blink as often as they should. Blinking helps retain moisture levels in the eyes and is good exercise for the eyes. Following the “20/20/20 rule” may also help relieve eye strain caused by too much time on the computer. Every twenty minutes look away from the computer and fix your gaze about 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

This will help keep the eyes focused. Splashing cold water over your eyes during breaks can ease eye tension. Regular exercise. Engage in a regular exercise program. Exercise helps to maintain optimal blood circulation and ensures that the eyes receive a supply of oxygenated blood. A healthy digestive system. Eye health, as with overall health, depends on the proper absorption of nutrients. Drink plenty of water. Drink about 8 to 12 glasses of water a day. Cloudiness in the white of the eyes may be due to insufficient water intake. Get sufficient rest. Getting a good night’s sleep refreshes the eyes.

Lack of sleep can cause the eyes to appear tired and lacking in luster. Tired eyes may not perform at optimal levels during the day. Smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking can have adverse affects on overall health and, particularly on eye health. Smoke irritates the eyes and eventually may effect the proper functioning of the eye. The same is true for alcohol. Too much alcohol can also diminish your body’s ability to absorb Vitamin A. Do not rub eyes. Do not rub tired eyes, as any irritant in the eye can damage the surface of the eye. Instead, palm your eyes and massage in circulation motion.

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