Their shaved bat is better than yours.

You could shave your bat by yourself but it won’t have the same performance as being done by an experience shop. Most online bat shaving services use a commercial lathe that rotates the bat to ensure you have uniform thicknesses. Also, it is recommended that you have your bat rolled at the same time it is being shaved.

Thin Area

If you try to shave your bat with a barrel sanding attachment on the end of a drill extension, the material that they remove from the inner barrel will be done in a totally random fashion. This will cause the bat to have thin areas along informasi panduan judi online the length of the barrel and this will cause the bats to perform better in some spots and not so good in others.

Choose an Experienced Shaving Company

It is important to choose an experienced shaving company that is using commercial grade shaving equipment and have the experience. After shaving you can expect approximately thirty to fifty feet added to your hits. This added distance also means that your line drive hits will get into the gaps quicker and ground ball that were previously fielded will now get through the infield. You will become a more consistent hitter and your batting average will improve. Pitchers will now fear you when you come to the plate.

Better Players Benefit from Shaving

Even if you are considered one of the better players you will also benefit from the shaving process. Let’s say you always bat .600 and pitchers don’t like pitching to you. If you get your bat shaved now you can take that outside pitch and put it over the fence to the opposite field. Before that ball would almost make it over the fence. Not it’s a home run and you’ll find that you are now batting .700 or better.

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