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Australian Real Estate: On the Recovery

Since the higher interest rates have been announced by the Reserve bank of Australia in May this year, the in Australia has seen a decrease in the prices for the residential property. Further, the investor confidence for the Australian for sale is wavering. The in Australia has seen diminishing sales and this has become the topic of hot debate in the media as well as the internet.

Real estate in Australia research firms such as Rismark international and BIS Shrapnel have also confirmed the softening of the in Australia prices. In August the average price for the house has dropped and stood at $450,000. However the firms expect that the softening of the prices would be for a limited time period only as the fundamentals of the economy in Australia are on the upswing and it has recovered from the recession that was widespread during 2008 – 09. Further there is a shortage of supply for the Australian market and this will exert some upward pressure for the prices to rise in the last quarter of 2010.

Even though the prices were down in the third quarter of 2010 in all the turkish citizenship by property  eight capital cities of Sydney, that include the financial capital Sydney and Canberra, the prices are still up by about 8% since the previous year. Even though the Reserve bank of Australia has increased the interest rates since the may this year, experts are speculating that that the interest rates will increase by another 25 basis points. This can lead to further weakening of the prices unless there are supply side curbs in the Australian market.

The government has also withdrawn the first home buyer grant and the home approvals have significantly dropped by around 5% in August this year, as compared to 2009. The first two quarters this year has seen a phenomenal increase this year which started in the third quarter of 2009. The jump in in Australia was around 15% after adjusting for inflation and seasonal terms. The interest rates have been hiked to prevent the real state crash that has prevailed over Europe and the US real markets.

The Australian rentals have dropped quite staggeringly this year and now stand around 4.3% as compared to about 8% in 2009. The Australian rentals even in Sydney are quite low and in line with the international rentals this year.


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